Booking Methods

Instant Book vs. Confirm to Book

Instant Book

With Instant Book listings, buyers are able to purchase your suite with a credit card in real-time off SuiteHop.

Instant Book listings require you to commit that your suite is available at the price it is listed. If you are unable to deliver, it is your responsibility to find a replacement suite (regardless of the cost), or a $10,000 replacement fee.

You will receive an automated email that the suite is sold. In that email, you will be asked to verify how the tickets will be delivered.

SuiteHop's commission on Instant Book listings is 20% of the sale price.

Confirm to Book

A Confirm to Book listing is not available to be purchased on the website in real-time. When someone is interested in your listing, we will send you an email asking to confirm that the listing is still accurate and available.

It's important to note that not every request you receive will be a done deal. It takes time for the confirmation process and sometimes buyers back out.

Once you send your confirmation, we will work with the buyer to collect payment. After payment is received, you will be sent a sale confirmation email.

SuiteHop's commission on Confirm to Book is 25% of the sale price.