Buyers Fee & Sales Tax

Final sales price breakdown

It is free to list on SuiteHop! Whether you have a full-season suite or just a handful of games, SuiteHop makes it simple and secure to list your suite. You are in full control of your event availability and pricing. 

Buyers Fee

When we say free, we mean free. You set the price you want to receive for your suite and we get our commission from a 20% or 25% buyer fee. This fee is automatically reflected on the final sales price displayed online for buyers. Though it is a buyer fee, the percentage is determined by which type of booking option you select on your listing. Instant Book listings have a fee of 20% of the sales price and Confirm to Book listings are 25% of the sales price.

Buyer fees are a percentage of the final sales price and determined by the type of booking option you select:

Instant Book Listings - 20% Buyer Fee 

Confirm to Book  - 25% Buyer Fee

Sales Tax

In some states, we are required to collect sales tax. This could result in the final sales price including both the buyer fee as well as the sales tax. Please consult with us if you would like to discuss more about the sales tax on your suite.