How to List My Suite

Navigating SuiteHop's New Listing Platform

At SuiteHop, we want to make listing suite events easy and seamless for all our Listing Partners. With your new SuiteHop account, you will be able to create new event listings, edit existing event listings, and view your sold listings.

Access Your Account

From the SuiteHop homepage, click on the Partner Login within the navigation.

Listing Partner Portal

Once logged in, you will be presented with your current assets. You will see the venue, name of your asset/suite, number of seats, and SRO tickets available, and the number of parking passes if


Click SHOW to add, remove, and edit your event availability, view your sold listings, and review your general suite info.

Unlisted Events

View a full list of events and dates occurring at your venue.

Create Listings

Click on + CREATE LISTING to customize your pricing and make the listing active on SuiteHop.

Customize Your Event Listing

Only one event can be listed at a time. A new screen will appear for you to adjust all the listing information for the specific event.

Booking Method

  1. Instant Book - Buyers are able to purchase your suite with a credit card in real-time.
  2. Confirm to Book - Your listing is not available to be purchased in real-time. When someone is interested in your listing, we will send you an email asking to confirm the listing is still accurate and available.

Access Type

  1. Private Suite - The buyer is purchasing the full suite and amenities.
  2. Shared Suite - The buyer can purchase individual tickets within the suite and they would be sharing the suite with you and/or other buyers.

Seats Available

This only applies to Shared suite listings. You can select up to the number of seats your suite offers.

Net Proceeds

The amount you will be paid when the listing sells.

Sells For

This includes the seller fee and reflects the price the buyer will pay for the listing.


Notes are an optional field. Adding notes will help your listing stand out from others and give the buyer a better understanding of what to expect from purchasing your listing.


Click SAVE to make your listing active.

Active Listings

View all your listings that are currently live on SuiteHop.

Hover over a listing to see the options to Edit, Preview, or Delete.

Edit Listings

You can edit one or multiple listings at the same time by clicking on the desired events you want to edit.

Editing options include changing the Booking Method, Access Type, Seats, and Net Proceeds.

After you have made your desired edits, be sure to click the save icon for each of the events to make the changes go live.

Sold Listings

As your listings begin to sell on SuiteHop, they will populate under this tab.

Past sales history from before the new platform will not be represented here.

Suite Info

You may review the suite information you provided to SuiteHop here. This information will be displayed on each of your active event listings.

If any of this information has changed or you want to update the configuration of your suite, please email