Post Suite Sale

Ticket Delivery & Payment

After you make a sale, we will coordinate ticket delivery and catering (if applicable) with you. 

 Ticket Delivery

Most tickets are in electronic format now so we will provide you with our email address for you to transfer them to us and we will send them to the buyer. If they are hard-copy tickets, we will provide you with a shipping label to send directly to the buyer.


If we don't already have a catering menu or order form on file, we will ask you for them and how you would like us to proceed with placing an order. Most partners prefer that we take them out of it and work directly with the catering department to place the order.

Your Payment

When setting up your account, we will ask for your payment information. Once we have it on file, we will send your payment via your preferred method of payment. Our payment schedule is every two (2) weeks so it can take up to two (2) weeks to receive payment, depending on when the sale falls on the calendar. You are guaranteed to get paid for any sales you make. We just ask that the tickets are delivered as soon as they are available.