Suite Catering

Private Suite Catering Explained

When people think about suites, they picture a luxurious private space, amazing views, and a wide assortment of catering options. It's important to note that suite catering is an additional cost and can seem like a daunting task. We are here to walk you through the catering process to make it as simple as possible.

Is catering available for all suite types?

The option to preorder catering is only available for private suites. We highly recommend that shared suite guests do not order catering as you are sharing the suite with other guests and it's extremely difficult to monitor who is consuming your food and beverages. 

Both private and shared suites will have a dedicated suite attendant to take your food and beverage orders during the event.

Is catering included in the suite price?

No, catering is typically not included in the purchase price of a suite. If catering is included it will be noted in the description of the listing.

What should I budget for catering?

Your catering cost will vary from $35 per person to $150 per person depending on what you order. In addition to food costs, make sure to budget an additional 15-20% in service fees charged by the venue. Gratuity is not included in the pricing. Service fees are not considered gratuity for your dedicated suite attendant. 



Full Meal & Drinks $100 - $150 per guest
Snacks with Beer & Wine $50 - $75 per guest
Beer & Wine $35 - $50 per guest

How much should I order?

Catering can range from traditional game day favorites to luxurious individual portioned entrees. When planning catering, we recommend ordering family-style options like pulled pork sandwiches as opposed to individual portions like steaks. Portion sizes are typically pretty large. As a rule of thumb, we recommend ordering half the number of servings as your guests. You can always order more food from your suite attendant during the event.

An ideal order for a group of 20 guests would include; one to two appetizers, one side dish, one to two entrees, one snack, one dessert, 24 beers, and 12 non-alcoholic beverages.

Recommended Suite Catering Menu 

Feeds 20 Guests

Buttered Popcorn Hot Dogs
Chips & Dip Assortment Pizza
Chicken Wings Scratch-Baked Brownies & Cookies
Classic Caesar Salad 24 Beers
Mac & Cheese 12 Non-Alcoholic Beverages

How do I place my catering order?

There are many different catering companies hired by venues to take care of their food & beverage services like Legends Hospitality, Deleware North, Levy Restaurants, and Centerplate Catering. How you place your preorder catering menu will vary depending on the venue and the catering company. 

Some venues have an online portal for you to log in and place your preorder catering menu. Others have a dedicated catering representative that will personally take your catering order through phone or email. 

Our SuiteHop service experts will be able to walk you through the process to help make preordering as seamless as possible. 

Is there a deadline to pre-order catering?

    The deadline for placing preorders is typically a week before your event. Each venue is different, your SuiteHop rep will be able to assist you in placing your catering order in time. 

    If you miss the order deadline, there will be a day-of-event menu available. Keep in mind that the day-of menu will be more limited.

    If I preorder catering, when will I be charged?

    You will need to provide a credit card when you place your catering order. Most venues won't charge you until the day of the event. If you order more food during the event it will be added to your total bill along with the 15-20% service fee. 

    When is the last call?

    The last call of placing food and beverage orders varies widely from venue to venue. Typically it is an hour before the end of the event. Your suite attendant may notify you of the last call, but we recommend asking when you arrive.

    • NBA: End of the third quarter
    • NHL: Beginning of the third period
    • MLB: End of the seventh inning stretch
    • Concerts: Vary widely from venue to venue. 

    What happens if we have food & drinks remaining at the end of the event?

    There are no refunds or to-go boxes for food and drinks that are not consumed. We recommend ordering conservatively and paying attention to what your guests are consuming before ordering additional items.